WANTED: Customer Support & Business Operations Manager

Thanks to advances in technology, we no longer need to be chained to one location in order to get a get a good days work done.

Ever wondered how you could find work that you enjoy, without being chained to a fixed location?

Well, read on!

We’re currently a small team with an aim to expand over the next 6-9 months. The business mainly serves the UK in the health and wellness space. We manufacture and sell a large range of physical products to businesses all over the UK. We manufacture our own products, and have one of the best reputations in the industry for both quality and customer service.

The business has been running for over 10 years, and it’s time for us to expand into the US and European markets – so we need extra hands, stat! We’ll fill you in on more details about what we do once you’re through to the shortlist.


E-commerce businesses require a huge mix of skills and activities. The business is looking for a customer support person and daily operations manager who is willing to learn from the ground up. Initially this will mean becoming an expert in the customer service functions of the business as these are the mainstay of any business. Initially here’s what your day would look like:

  • Answering calls, emails and live chat from customers, helping them to choose the right products and smoothing out any issues they might be facing
  • Processing orders and managing logistical operations

Once you’re settled in, you’ll be required to train a second customer support person to take over customer support during the afternoons so you can grow in areas outside of customer support.  You’ll pick up skills in different e-commerce related areas and help other members with projects or manage your own.

It’s not required for you to have experience in any of these areas. If you do – that’s great (especially if it’s UK-based). But what we want most is someone who is switched on and ready to learn.


For the first 3-4 months, you’ll get to train in customer support, one on one in Barcelona. Doing some hands-on work together to begin with, means you can transition to living and working wherever you want at a later stage.

Our team works UK hours. In Barcelona at the moment, that means we’re on from 10pm to 6pm (9am to 5pm UK time).

This is a full-time gig – not a side project. This is for someone who wants to learn all the gritty details of making an online business thrive. This is not for you if you’re just looking for another job to pay the bills!

Earnings will be competitive and above average.  Earnings will be staggered and increase as you learn and contribute more to the business.

Other perks include: Once your training period is finished and you have trained up other staff in person, you can move to wherever you like as long as it is fits with UK working hours, has an excellent internet connection and your working environment is void of background noise. All of Europe, middle east and most of Asia and East coast of the Americas all can fit well with UK time.

When you become smarter, the business benefits! We have a book/media/training course allowance so that you can avail of any business resources you need to develop an expertise and help grow the business.

20 days paid leave plus UK public holidays.


  • You’re a people person & are an excellent communicator
  • You’re organised and focused
  • You can switch between tasks quickly and efficiently – without forgetting what you were doing before
  • You are great at managing and motivating yourself, working on your own and making informed decisions
  • You have excellent attention to detail
  • You are flexible and can adjust your role when the business needs it.


  • You get bored or lonely if your team is not in the same room as you
  • You’re forgetful or tend towards laziness
  • You check your social media and chat online with friends during work hours (That can be done on your lunch break. This role requires focus and commitment)
  • You plan on using the location independent benefit to travel and relocate multiple times per year


  • A ‘get shit done’ attitude. You’re reliable, punctual and nothing stops you knocking stuff off your list. You’re comfortable asking questions, making suggestions, and learning from your mistakes.
  • You’re good in a team. You’re good at giving AND receiving feedback.
  • You’re a native English speaker or you have full professional proficiency. You are well versed in the English language and its quirks. If you don’t get punctuation, please don’t apply.
  • You can think on your feet and adapt quickly to new situations. On the days where everything is going wrong, you’re not phased.
  • You can manage other people effectively.
  • You can put yourself in other peoples shoes during discussions.
  • Willingness to do more than the bare minimum on any task


  • Customer service experience
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets and data entry systems
  • Web skills with HTML, blogging platforms
  • Copy and sales writing skills
  • Ability to predict what other people might need in a given situation.


  • Flexible work location after initial hands-on training
  • A core role in a growing small business, that operates internationally.
  • Deep, varied experience in e-commerce, logistics and online business
  • Full training in e-commerce business systems
  • Opportunities to grow your skills


We’ll be accepting applications up until June 14th, but if we find the right person before that, we’ll be closing applications early – so make sure you get yours in quickly!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Record a YouTube video, 3-5 minutes in length, telling me about your relevant experience and why you are perfect for the job. (Doesn’t have to be publicly available. Send us the link in the application form.) Gather the answers to your questions, and submit the application here:

Step 2: I’ll review your submission and schedule a Skype interview if I want to take it to the next stage.

Step 3: Possible second interview and Skype chat with the rest of the team if necessary, followed by a final decision.

Step 4: I’ll let you know if you have been successful or not.


Ready to apply?

Here’s the link again, and don’t forget your video!

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